My First Twitter Wedding Coming Up August 22, #ppwedding

Twitter, that social media phenomena of describing the world in 140 character text messages, has finally caught up with me. I have performed a few internet video streamed weddings in the past for relatives who could not make the wedding. This will be my first live Twitter wedding.

A few months ago, Brian and Jordan started an experiment called Project Priceless. The objective was to hold a wedding where all the supplies/vendors were loaned, traded, offered or upcycled. I found this an intriguing idea and I became involved as their officiant. Their journey to this point has been certainly insightful in seeing how this developed.

We are finally close to the wedding day of August 22, 2011. The wedding will begin at 5:30 pm Ottawa time. It will be a unique and beautiful wedding ceremony that truly reflects this enthusiastic couple.  Guests are encourage to tweet text and photos during the event. You can follow the wedding on Twitter by using the hashtag #ppwedding. For more details on how to use the hashtag please see their blog.

Courtesy Adam Pap