Cocktail Lounge Wedding: 3 Ceremony Tips

There is a growing popularity of cocktail weddings. With that, I am performing more ceremonies in the lounges where the party continues after the wedding. These locations have unique challenges for a good ceremony performance.

Cocktail lounges are designed for people to mingle and party. If a couple wants a cocktail reception – drinks, appetizers and dancing – cocktail lounges can be an ideal location. However, they are not designed with presentations or ceremonies in mind. Here are three tips to help make your cocktail wedding ceremony successful.

Lighting: Cocktail lounges are set up for décor lighting. They typically don’t have dedicated lighting for a wedding ceremony. The ceremony will be conducted in very dim light where people will have difficulty see you. See if you can find a place in the lounge where you can have control of a separate set of lights. If may be able to increase the lighting of some track or flood lights directly overhead the ceremony area.

Sound: Most cocktail lounges have low ceilings and are made to absorb sound. This is so when it is full of people, you don’t have a reverb wall of sound coming at you from all directions. This means that sound amplification is a must for the ceremony if you want your guests to hear what was said. You can arrange to rent or borrow a microphone from the DJ to remedy this situation.

I borrowed a microphone from the DJ for this ceremony at ARC,The Hotel

Placement: You need to ensure that there is room for the ceremony. The lounge may need to move chairs, tables and furniture for this. Make sure that this is something that they are willing to accommodate. You want your guests near you for the ceremony instead of spread out over the whole lounge.

With these three basics in place, any cocktail lounge can be a fun and unique place to have a wedding ceremony that immediately precedes the reception.