Museum of Civilization: Two Weddings in One Evening

It was a thrill for me to perform two wedding ceremonies at the Museum of Civilization on Saturday July 23.  The location is fabulous. My couples were fantastic and I loved working with the photographers and the staff at the Museum.

Hannah and Mathieu’s wedding was conducted outdoors for about 70 people. It was on the patio of the Cafe overlooking the Ottawa River with the Parliament Buildings in the background. We had gorgeous weather for it. The ceremony incorporated some Jewish tradition because of Hannah’s heritage. I explained that although we had no chuppah, the patio served as a sacred place “apart from the marketplace” to mark the occasion. In this way, it served the purpose for which the chuppah was intended. After their personalized vows in English and French, they kissed to seal their vows. Blair Gable captured that moment perfectly!

Of course, we concluded the ceremony with the breaking of the glass and exclaiming “Mazel Tov!”

I crossed the grounds to enter the Grand Hall of the Museum for my second wedding with Carmen and Dai and 200 of their guests. Earlier, while waiting for Hannah and Mathieu’s wedding to start, I had a chance to get a quick picture taken with them by Julie Butler.

The Hall was set up with the reception tables in the centre and the ceremony area off to one side. I met up with the Museum’s operations staff to get a microphone and have a quick sound check. In such a large hall, I definitely need sound amplification and they have great equipment. A quick check with Carmen and we were ready to go. I passed by the cupcakes that smelt sooo good as I got into place.

Carmen was able to have a long procession because the ceremony area at one end of the hall. Carmen and Dai had already conducted the tea ceremony earlier in the day, so this was a straight forward ceremony. Their reading selection was the lyrics to the song “Endless Love” which was then played during the signing of the register.

Another beautiful kiss to seal their vows and they were off to enjoy their reception. And I was off as well to meet up with my Sweetheart.



  1. Haha that’s awesome! I know Carmen and Dai, but I didn’t know you also officiated their wedding!! =)

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