Backyard Baptism: A Warm Welcome to Baby Alice

Occasionally, I have the privilege to welcome a new baby into the community. It is a special moment where parents share and express their joy in the birth of their child. It was a splendid day for a backyard baptism for baby Alice.

I was invited to help Wendy and Michael express their joy in the birth of Alice. They wanted to officially welcome her into their family unit, and to the wider family of relatives and friends. The people they’d invited were the people they hope will help to shape Alice’s world as she grows up. They wanted each of them to share in their joy on this happy occasion, and they also looked forward to their continued friendship, interest and involvement in the years ahead.

The choosing of a name for your child is very special for parents. I remember the long discussions my Sweetheart and I had on selecting  names for our children. But it was only when we saw them, did we actually decide on a fitting name. Here is how Wendy and Michael chose Alice’s name:

When we first saw you, we both knew you simply didn’t fit the names we’d spent months picking out; we had to find a new one just for you. When we saw the name Alice, it was like it was always your name, we just didn’t know it yet.

Your middle name, Lily, is for your maternal great-grandmother, or Great-Nan. We asked her to keep you safe for the 9 months before you were born and we know that she’s still looking in on you now and will be throughout your life. She had a great sense of humour and never lost her sense of adventure or youthful spirit – traits that we hope that you’ll inherit from her.

Backyard set-up for the baptism

The birth of a child is a joyous event. The welcoming of a child into our community is a celebration full of love. For in our children, we see hope in the future.