It was an Oscar wedding moment

The wedding ceremony completed, it was time for the bride and groom to greet their guests for the reception. It was an Oscar moment.

The weather had held for this balcony wedding at the Stittsville Glen Mar Golf Club. One of the readers was slightly delayed in arriving from Toronto, so we only had to wait an extra ten minutes to get underway. This gave me a chance to greet two couples in the audience for whom I had performed their weddings previously.

In my opening remarks, I asked that everyone turn off their cellphones and blackberries. Since the bride works at RIM, I asked that if they had any iPhones they were turn them off too and have a chat with the bride afterwards.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, I announced that all the guests were to greet the bride and groom at the entrance to the reception room. What they did not know was that the couple had planned a Hollywood themed evening. It started with each guest having a picture taken with the couple and two Oscar-type statues.

It took the bride and groom some effort to get the statues. The couple had traveled to Niagara Falls to purchase them.  The idea worked. They were having fun greeting their guests for the evening. This way the bride and groom had a pictures of everyone who attended for them to cherish in future years.


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  1. Fun! We’re now planning our Sept. wedding on Centre Island at the Anglican church there (I am from Toronto, now live in NY) and think the idea of a water journey (however calm or brief) to the altar nicely symbolic. We told our minister here we were to be married elsewhere and she insists (which is lovely) she give us a formal, public blessing with our parish when we return.

    Ministers can make such a difference to how one feels about so big a step.

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