Ottawa Outdoor Wedding Venues: The 4 Most Popular Locations

Every summer I zip around Ottawa performing on-location weddings. I perform wedding ceremonies in people’s backyard, in restaurants and hotels. There are four outstanding locations that come to mind when looking for an outdoor venue.

Rockcliffe Pavilion: This is probably the most popular location for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The Pavilion was built in 1918 and is operated by the National Capital Commission. It has a stunning view of the Ottawa River and has a capacity of 100 people seated. During the summer, there is quite a bit of background noise from tour buses and boats on the river. There is one electrical outlet on the outside of the Pavilion. Access to Rockcliffe Park and Parking can be difficult so it is advised that guests arrive early.

Rockcliffe Pavilion

Billings Estate: This is a wonderful site located in south end of Ottawa and operated by the City (as with the other two locations that follow). It features Ottawa’s oldest wood-frame house that was owned by one of Ottawa’s founding families. There are several areas under large mature trees where ceremonies can be conducted. The bride can have a final prep time for herself inside the manor while everyone gets ready outdoors.

Billings Estate

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum: I love this location on the east end of Ottawa. It has seven houses and six buildings depicting residential and agricultural architecture and public buildings such as a one-room schoolhouse, fire hall, church and community hall. You can also visit a Canadian National railway station and caboose, a working sawmill and an Imperial garage. Weddings can be performed in the small church or outdoors.

Knox Church at Cumberland Village Museum

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site: This scenic site is located on the western side of Ottawa. It is on the shores of the Ottawa River overlooking the Gatineau Hills in the background. There are many areas for holding the wedding ceremony. It is growing in popularity for weddings.

Pinhey's Point

These four locations offer outstanding views for any wedding and are located across the City of Ottawa. If your vision for your wedding ceremony is to have it outdoors, these are the top venues to consider.


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