A Simple Kiss Gives Us Hope

A couple is photographed kissing amid the chaos, violence and hooliganism of the Vancouver riot. In contrast to the destruction and anger around them, an embrace and a kiss capture our attention. The picture goes viral around the world. Almost instantly the hard cynics decry that it is staged or photo shopped and not authentic.

Photo: Rich Lam

Yet the simple truth is more beautiful. A couple was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was injured and he gave her some love, care and kindness in her time of need. He simply kissed her to say it was going to be OK. There was no nefarious intent, no staging, and no hot kinky romance. It was a simple, honest and humble comforting of one human being to another.

When we first saw the story we all reacted by desperately trying to uncover the story being the photo. We found out in 24 hours – faster than we found out who the hooligans were. And we found out it was a true display of affection.

Perhaps we have crystallized some values through this event. Definitely we all abhor the violence and mob mentality of the rioters and seek to correct the wrongs. However, our search for the couple’s truth exposed the search in us all for our truth. Maybe we really want to seek out the love, caring and kindness in each other. And maybe this fascination with this couple’s simple act of a kiss gives us hope that these values exist.