A Promise That Has Blossomed With 15 Springs.

The tulips blossom near Dow’s Lake with a splendor of color in a yearly celebration of hope. For the past 15 years, the bride and groom have come here to celebrate and continue their commitment to each other. Today they marked the day, with their marriage.

By the waters of the Rideau Canal near Dow’s Lake, 15 years ago, the bride and groom first shared their hopes and dreams – of children, a home, and a life together.  Each year, they return to mark new chapters in their relationship. Over the years, wonderful and unexpected things have happened – the most special being the birth of their children. They have 15 years of pictures recording the progress of their lives with the tulips blooming in the background.

Tulips poking through the ground at Dow's Lake Pavilion.

They have had the ups and downs of a relationship and parenting. Over the years, they learned to read the other, and master each other’s codes. When they made mistakes they shared them and learned. Through times of sadness, they breathed each other’s pain and their bonds grew stronger. They became parents to two lovely girls and supported their journeys. Today they do together what they used to do alone – prepare meals, listen to music, travel to far-away places, even build a cottage – and they’ve discovered that in sharing these experiences, they’ve become something better. It is in living through all this that they discovered that while they may be two people, their lives had become one.

It was in an intimate ceremony at the Pavilion on Dow’s Lake that the bride and groom were married. Surrounded by their two daughters, friends and family, they shared their vows. They promised to still strive to understand and respect each other’s thoughts and feelings, to be both a lover and a friend, to share confidences, and to guide and support each other through doubt and sadness. Even as they carried on doing the every day things, they promised to continue to make each day as wonderful and unpredictable as they have been until now.

They shared a promise with their daughters. It was a promise of love and devotion to them. They promised to always support them, be there for them and be actively involved in their lives. They shared their wish to see them grow up happy and secure young women. As a symbol of those promises they each received a locket from their parents.

Tulips were the flowers of choice

I noticed that the tulips are just poking through the ground and getting ready to celebrate a new spring. After 15 years, this couple and family will spring and blossom into a new life.