Art Galleries offer a Unique Venue for Wedding Ceremonies

I love art galleries for on-location wedding venues. Galleries offer a intimate location with some stimulating art discussion pieces. They also allow you to use your own caterer and you can arrange for your choice of drinks.

I performed a wedding at the Gallery 3 location on Wellington St. on a cold February evening. However, once inside we were exceptionally treated. The dining table was set out in the middle of the gallery with beautiful decorations and clear chairs. The additional décor lighting really set the mood. Champagne was already being served to guests when I arrived.

The wedding was performed in a corner in front of some art. The 30 guests were gathered around us to witness the event. The couple had written their own heartfelt vows. The love was certainly felt by everyone in the room. The blessing was a five paragraph poem and was read in turn by four guests in the audience. I had the concluding stanza. While we were signing the register, the champagne was topped up for the guests in anticipation of my declaration. Their kiss ended the ceremony and began the reception with their friends and family coming up to congratulate them.