Couples are Going Online to Find Their Match

The bride’s sheepish look during our meeting betrayed a feeling of embarrassment. “We met on-line, but don’t tell my mother because she thinks that’s where serial killers lurk!” Meeting and dating online still has a stigma attached to it. However, I see more and more couples meeting there and then tying the knot.

With the rise of globalization and the increasing familiarity of social media, the online dating tools are becoming more popular. I’ve seen more couples admit to meeting online, dating and then moving to marriage over the years. It is understandable. The old mechanisms for meeting people have disintegrated in our western world. Now we need new ways to couple up.

Many articles voice the concern that some people lie about themselves online. I suggest that if they lie online, that they’ll lie in real life too. Being online does not breed dishonesty. It existed long before that. At least with online media you can sift through the chaff a little quicker. What I’ve seen is that people who are authentic online will genuinely attract people they want to interact with.

I met one couple where they had met and were interacting online. Things were going well. One day, the dad’s son comes in the house all excited. “Dad,” he exclaims, “I was over at my friend’s house playing. This new lady moved next door to him. You really need to meet her because she is really nice!” It was the same woman he had been chatting with online. When I conducted their wedding ceremony, the son was enthusiastically part of it.

I married another couple who lived and met in California. They had their wedding ceremony at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Ottawa was their destination wedding because their families were split between Boston and Chicago. Ottawa was a natural meeting point. During the ceremony, I explained how they had met online.

Sam and Melody met a bit later in life on the web dating site, ‘’. After Sam’s exhaustive 44 year search for just the right person, he finally came upon a bright smile and lovely face with one upturned eyebrow, showing the mischievous Irish gal from Los Angeles.  On their first date Sam told Melody that he was a Republican.  After regaining consciousness, Melody decided that despite Sam’s horrific lack of judgment, she would go on a second date.  The rest is history.

The stories of how people meet are always fascinating. Whether it is from a chance encounter or a search online, there are opportunities to welcome wonderful people in your life. What I’ve felt with all the couples I’ve married is that once you open your heart to love, you will certainly find your match.