After more than two months underground – Wedding Republic resurfaces to take on the world

Late last year, the popular wedding registry Wedding Republic went underground. They are resurfacing and the verdict is – watch out world!

Wedding Republic is an Ottawa-based company that was co-founded by Hana Abaza & James Kinkaid. They  launched the beta version in February 2010 that was well received by the wedding industry. I met Hana at an Ottawa wedding industry event last year and was really impressed by her concept. Although they had intended to be a local resource, they were excited to find, almost from the start, that they were attracting a global clientele. The re-branding is a result of realizing that Wedding Republic should appeal to a global marketplace.

Wedding Republic is a centralized online gift registry offering a unique alternative to traditional wedding registries. It provides a
enticing option to couples because it gives them the freedom to choose the gifts they really want. For example, couples can register for anything – making non-traditional gifts possible; from camping gear, to solar panels, from a house down payment to a honeymoon – nothing is off limits. That’s because the platform of Wedding Republic allows couples to choose gifts that are already listed or add their own items and images.

Everything is done on-line and in a matter of minutes. This is a pretty exciting concept.  To be able to put any item online and have anyone anywhere give it to you. There is even an option to take an expensive gift and break it down into smaller priced “Puzzle Pieces”. Guests can chip in on a more expensive gift, making it affordable.  The idea is that friends and family can feel as though they are contributing towards something the couple really wants and will actually use.

From my sneak peak, I am confident that Wedding Republic is ready to take on the world. It is innovative. It is a totally new and exciting way to register for, give and receive wedding gifts. Congratulations and best wishes on your new adventures Hana.


Cute video on Youtube

contact: Hana Abaza
Co-Founder & CEO
Phone: 613.232.9330 x6
Fax: 613.232.9330