Steps for The Entrance to The Hand-off of bride from father to groom

There are many ways that a bride can make her Grand Entrance. Here are the steps from the entrance procession to the hand-off of the bride from the father to the groom that I find works for most situations.

1- Mothers are accompanied to their seats

2- The first piece of music is played and the ring bearer enters.

3- The bridesmaids go after the ring bearer. There should be a five second count in-between each bridesmaid. This gives a nice spacing between the bridal parties as they walk down the aisle.

4- The flower girl is the last of the bridal party to start down the aisle before the bride. She spreads the flower petals on the floor in honor of the bride.

5- Once the bridal party is situated at the front, the second song is played. When the bride hears the second song it is her cue that all the bridal party has made it to the front. The bride counts to ten and then enters.

6- The bride walks on her father’s left, down the aisle to just beyond the first guest chairs and stops.

7- If the bride has a veil, her father lifts it, revealing the bride to the groom. The bride gives her father a hug and kiss to thank him for bringing her this far.

8- The groom steps up and gives the bride’s father a handshake to thank him. The father sits down.

9- The groom steps beside the bride on her right side and holds up his left hand, palm facing downwards.

10-The bride places her right hand on top of his left.

11- They walk up to the officiant, turn and face each other.

12- The Maid of Honor arranges the bride’s dress and bride keeps her flowers.