Groom stopped in wedding vows because he was “lost in her eyes”.

After driving home for six hours in the snow, I was thankful that I had a straight forward wedding to perform that evening. The couple proved to me once again, that their emotional commitment is what makes a wedding ceremony so special. This Christmas time wedding came through with a big “Awww” factor.

The return trip from Toronto to Ottawa had been a long one. The normal 4 1/2 trip turned into six hours as I drove through snow flurries. I was grateful to make it home with sufficient time to prepare for the evening’s wedding ceremony. Luckily, I said to my Sweetheart, this was going to be a straight-forward ceremony. Refreshed, I headed to the Cartier Place Hotel in the downtown core. This is  a family-owned  unpretentious all-suite hotels that offers a friendly and relaxed  atmosphere.

I located the ceremony room and checked-in with the DJ and photographer. The groom came in and we chatted. I asked him how he was doing. “I’d marry her a hundred times.”,  he said. “It’s just doing it in front of everyone that’s the problem.” My next stop was to find the bride. When I entered her suite, I noticed the bottle of Pepto Bismol on the table. I asked her how she was doing. She gave me the same answer!

The ceremony started fifteen minutes late because the guests had problems finding parking. This is certainly something that brides and grooms need to consider when planning a wedding. Downtown locations tend to have parking issues and the guests need to be advised that they should come earlier because of that.

With the ceremony underway, I came to the exchange of vows. The groom was doing well, looking at his bride while repeating his vows after me. That was until he said “to love and to cherish”. I quoted the next part and there was no response from him. Finally after an awkward pause, he looked at me sheepishly and said “and to be faithful to you alone.” After the ceremony, he apologized to me for the pause. “I heard you in the distance. It was just that I was lost in her eyes.” I could see how easy that would be as she is a beautiful bride. My heart was uplifted and I went “Awwww” to myself.

Despite being tired and stressed from my long drive, when I got to the ceremony, I poured myself into the moment. I performed it for the bride and groom because I have learned that wedding ceremonies are always special. I came away with that confirmed and feeling blessed in witnessing love once again.