Vows to a new step-daughter really touched our hearts.

Groom, Bride, Daughter and me at the Canadian Golf and Country Club

When I met this couple, there already was a running joke that it was the battle of the spreadsheets in organizing this wedding.  She is an accountant and is very meticulous about everything. So I was not surprised to see her arrive at the site fifteen minutes before the start time.  I kidded her about that to which she chuckled. This was a second wedding for the bride and her daughter was to be part of the ceremony.

The couple decided that the groom would say a few words, a promise or vow to the bride’s daughter after they had express their vows to each other. It was important to the couple that a new family bond be created. He was to also give her a necklace as a symbol of the new family. His words moved and touched all our hearts. Here they are:

I want you to know that I dearly love your mom. As you have so graciously shared this wonderful woman with me, so will I share the love I feel for her with you. I promise to be fair and to be honest, and to be available for you as I am for your mom. I will not attempt to replace anyone, but to make a place in your heart that is for me alone. On this day when I marry your mom, I marry you. And I promise to love you and support you as my own. I give you this necklace that you may wear it as a symbol of the vows I made to you this day.

He then gave her a hug. In typical teenager fashion she said, “Do we have to?”

So who won the battle of the spreadsheet? The bride did. When I checked in with the groom at the beginning, he had forgotten the necklace at home. The bride had a spare!

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