And baby seemed to say, “It’s my wedding too!”

The Glenmar Golf and Country Club uses a wrap around covered porch as the location for their wedding ceremonies. The wind was just dying down on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I was preparing to get the wedding underway. I was coordinating the entrance with the venue manager. The couple’s young daughter was the flower girl and was to walk around the corner of the building and down the aisle spreading flower petals as she went.

When all was ready, I made my usual announcement about taking photographs (yes please do) and cell phones (turn them off!). The processional music started and the groom and I waited to see his daughter walk into view. Instead we heard her crying in protest. Somehow the bridal party managed to get her to the top of the aisle where we could all see her… crying away. She decided that she was not going any further. I could hear nervous chuckles in the crowd.

Her father, the groom, tried to coax her along but to no avail. Finally, I suggested that he go and get her. It was a precious moment to see the groom lovingly pick up his daughter and slowly walk down the aisle with her in his arms, helping her spread the petals. The bride arrived to the front and we proceeded with the ceremony. Usually, after a little reassurance, a young child can be put down and they will be happy for the rest of the ceremony. However, she wanted to stay with Daddy. She really seemed to be saying “It is my wedding too!” She stayed in his arms for the whole ceremony.

In another very touching moment, the bride and groom exchanged their own vows. The bride said that she really appreciated how great a father he was – this was evident to all of us. In every ceremony I say that a new family is born and for this we celebrate – we certainly were witness to that wonderful fact that day.

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