Readings can help us celebrate.

This was a three ceremony weekend. Each was very special for the couples. What I believe really contributed to each was the readings that were chosen. They were carefully picked to reflect how they felt and in so doing really added to the ceremony and the celebration.

When I was married to my Sweetheart some thirty years ago, the priest certainly told us that we were limited to Bible verses for readings.  In the ceremonies I conduct, the couple chooses what they want so that a special message is given to their guests about their feelings about marriage and about love.  They can choose to have me read or to have a someone special to them read.

In one wedding this weekend, I read two poems that were of significance to the couple. They were “Forever and Always… Not a Day Less” and “He never leaves the seat up” by Pam Ayres. The first poem was serious speaking about always staying together. The second was a bit lighter in delivering the message that they were marrying their friend and soul mate.

The next two weddings had guests come up and read. When this happens on location, I suggest that a microphone be provided for the readers. Most people are intimidated by public speaking and this aid helps them share the reading with the people gathered. At one wedding, the god-daughters of each of the bride and groom read a passage.  I held the wireless microphone for each of them while they concentrated on their reading. When I  received the script from the couple and saw that it said god-daughters, I expected a small girl to come up. To my surprise, the first god-daughter towered over me at six feet! We all shared a good laugh at that.

The second god-daughter getting ready to read

One of the most touching weddings this season involved two lovely women who decided to get married after being together for ten years. The ceremony was held on a dock on the Mississippi River near Ottawa. I was outfitted with a remote lapel microphone so the one hundred guests on shore could hear me. The couple arrived in a boat to the music of Black Eyed Peas and a joyous and applauding audience. We ended with a champagne toast to the couple. It was really special that one of their friends recited one of my favourite readings,”Oh the places you’ll go.” by Dr. Seuss.  The couple said to me that they thought that after all this time, it would feel the same. They admitted that being married felt different. There really is something about a public declaration of love and community acceptance of the couple that connects us all. It is for this that we all celebrate!

Listening to Dr. Seuss