A few words from a special friend a-mazed the wedding.

As a licensed officiant, I am the one who can legally declare the couple married at a wedding ceremony. There are occasions where the bride and groom would really have liked someone special to conduct the ceremony. In these cases, I work with the couple to enable them to have the special friend say most of the prose while reserving the legal bits for me to do.

The wedding was in the barn at Saunder’s Farm outside of Ottawa (http://www.saundersfarm.com/). Saunder’s Farm is neat in that it has many mazes and labyrinths on site. So it provides a unique venue for a wedding.  On this hot 30 degree Celsius day, we were in the top part of the barn. If anyone has ever been in a mau for haying, you’d know that this is also the hottest part of the barn.  The bride and groom wished to have the special friend conduct the ceremony. The little twist is that no one else than the bride, groom and friend were to know that this was to happen. In the program, the friend was only mentioned as reciting a reading. I devised a ceremony with them to accommodate their dream.

The bride came down the aisle to the theme music from the movie “Princess Bride”. Once the bride and groom were located in front of me, I welcomed everyone. I then simply said “At this time, I will ask that Fred (name has been changed to protect the guilty), come and say a few words.” Fred came up and took over to the a-maze-ment(sic) of the guests. He bravely did it all and passed it back to me for the legal bits. As I came back, I said, “Fred, I said a few words…” to which there was a general chuckle. After the necessary signing and declaration, Fred announced the newly married couple and down the aisle they went to take some pictures among the mazes.

Fred saying a "few" words