A special order wedding and baptism in one

The couple had cancelled their wedding the year before. Now I was privileged to preside over their wedding and the baptism of their son at the same ceremony. It was truly a family moment.

When she had originally booked the wedding all was well. However, after the booking, she discovered that she was pregnant and that by the wedding date she would be well along. The bride decided to post-pone the wedding. She had no desire to be “sticking out” in her wedding dress. I was pleased when she re-booked me the following year to perform not only her wedding but the baptism of her son as well – at the same time.

The day came and all was prepared. I told the couple that during the wedding ceremony the baby might start to fuss because he wanted to be with one of them. They could just pick him up and hold him. A silent baby in Mama’s lap is certainly preferable to a loudly protesting little one. As predicted, a few minutes into the wedding ceremony, the baby did not want to stay in Grandma’s lap anymore. He was given to Mama, the bride, for a bit and then Papa, the groom, had his turn as well. When we came to the vows and ring exchange, I realized that the couple would need both sets of hands free to complete this ritual. I took the baby in my arms so that this part of the ceremony could proceed. The little guy had a grand time flipping the pages of my book while I attempted to complete the vows and ring exchange. I turned to the audience and said he would be a natural preacher!

I handed back the baby to the couple after the ring exchange. After declaring the couple married, the ceremony proceeded directly to the baptism of their son. I was not surprised to find that after his fuss during the wedding, the little one was fast asleep for his baptism. His mother held him, while I poured the water on his head to bless and name him. Truly that day, a new family was born and we all celebrated its arrival.