Wedding taken under wing at the Aviation Museum

One of the most unique wedding venues is the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa. A couple can rent the whole facility to themselves. It offers a really impressive location for  a wedding.

The Canada Aviation Museum has aviation-related objects of all types, and interpret their significance to Canada and the world. The Museum’s collection focuses on the development of the flying machine, in both peace and war, from the pioneer period to the present time, with a particular but not exclusive reference to Canadian achievements. Its collection is impressive.

The ceremony was set up to be conducted under the wing of a Lancaster Bomber aircraft. There were about one hundred guests at the wedding that easily fit under the Bomber’s wing. I was concerned that with the size of the museum, that my voice would have difficulty carrying. When I started speaking in my theatre voice, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the echo of myself a couple of times. The groom was in a dark blue pin-stripe suit and was accompanied by the two witnesses; two ladies in lovely purple dresses. The bride arrived with her father and she was in a beautiful long sleeved, brocade short wedding dress. Earlier, I had seen them outside taking pictures and she had a white fur stole to compliment it.

I declared them married and they proceeded to the cocktail area which was near a Spitfire. I saw that the dinner tables were set-up next to the helicopter display and that the dance floor was overlooked by a CF-18 fighter. I am sure that at this superb location the evening took flight after the ceremony.  

Reception set up at the Canadian Aviation Museum