A fairy tale wedding

After many years of celebrating weddings, I wondered when I would get to conduct a truly fairy tale wedding. I was looking for the wedding that was visually beautiful, emotionally wonderful and that went off without a hitch. It happened on December 31, 2007.

It was a challenge making my way to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier on that day. The downtown core was filled with people making their way to a nearby park to look at the display of New Year’s Eve fireworks scheduled for later that evening. I could tell that everyone was in a festive mood.

When I checked the location of the wedding on the hotel’s display, I noticed that it had been changed. The hotel had re-located the wedding to the grand ball room. As I walked into the room, I was amazed how the couple had decorated the location. They had a snow and ice theme. Therefore it was full of white trees with small twinkling lights giving it a magical feel. They had provided a stage for us so we could all be seen. The visual beauty was breathtaking. It looked like a winter wonderland.

The bridal procession entered with the ring bearers and flower girls. The flower girls were all in white dresses with fairy wings on them. The ring bearer was in a wagon pulled by another boy that went well. Finally, the bride arrived in her gorgeous white gown accompanied by her father. When the bride and groom stood before me, I was struck at how attractive a couple they were. She was a beautiful woman and he was a tall strapping man (See Photo Gallery). Certainly this was a Prince with his Princess.

As I delivered the ceremony, my eyes were watering with the beauty of everything that was occurring. Not just the visual beauty, but also the beauty of the love that was being expressed. This was the only couple, in all my years, that flawlessly completed their vows from memory. It was an inspiring moment to preside over this wonderful couple. As we concluded the ceremony, the fireworks display began. It was a new year with a new beginning for this new couple. I had finally witnessed a fairy tale wedding.