A bridal bouquet is to be enjoyed.

There is one thing in the JK Wedding Entrance Wedding Dance video on Youtube (44 Million views) that really bothers me. I’ve seen it too many times in weddings. At the end of the procession, the bride hands over her bridal bouquet to the maid of honour.

If you look at the video, the bridesmaids enter dancing down the aisle and swinging their bouquets around. At about 4 minutes into the video, the bride enters and makes her way down the aisle where she is met with the groom. They walk up to the front and at 4:46 minutes you see the bride hand over her flowers to the maid of honour. The wedding ceremony proceeds from there with the bride just holding her hands.

I wonder why flowers that are carefully selected for the wedding are just tossed aside for the maid of honour to hold during the whole ceremony. Flowers are said to be nature smiling. They are transient, beautiful and made to be enjoyed for the moment. Because their beauty only lasts a certain time, they help us linger on the moment to enjoy. They can help us linger on the beauty of the wedding ceremony.

I suggest to brides that they keep their flowers in hand during the ceremony. This way the carefully selected flowers will be in the bride’s hands for the pictures. They will complete the image of a beautiful bride on her day. Once the couple need their hands at the vows and rings, then I direct the bride to hand over her flowers. I also put the flowers on the signing table so that they are there again in the pictures as a reminder of the beauty they represent.

This leads to some practical considerations in the selection of a bridal bouquet. Often bouquets are made up from the bride’s favourite flowers. A beautiful arrangement can be created to match and accentuate your dress and jewellery to complete the image. Flowers should be selected taking into account their weight and bulkiness. This is especially important if the bride is holding them up for most of the ceremony. I recently had a bride who had a dozen roses as a bouquet. Roses, although beautiful, are one of the heavier flowers. She had difficulty holding them for the needed time.

A floral designer told me that the bridal bouquet should be looked at like a piece of jewellery and not an over sized mass of flowers. We don’t often have the opportunity to stand with beautiful blossoms in hand. They should linger in the moment.