A simply beautiful wedding at a community hall

I drove up to the Community Hall in a rural town ready to conduct a wedding ceremony. It was a Friday evening and as with most weddings on Friday evenings, I guessed it would start late just because people were commuting from work.  I walked into the hall to see that it had been tastefully decorated.

The tables on one side of the room and theatre style seating on the other. A lighted arch stood at the front with potted palms on either side. I walked up to a small coffee table that had some roses in a vase and put down the marriage register. I could see that two young women were providing the music with piano and voice.

I sought out the groom. He greeted me enthusiastically and apologized that they were running two minutes late. He introduced me to the DJ and photographer and then he was off again taking care of some last minute details. When I caught up to him again, I asked where the bride was. He took me to her where she was waiting in the pick-up truck.

I opened the door of the truck and she immediately asked if something was wrong. I assured all was well and that I was just checking to see how she was doing. “I’m so nervous I feel like I’m going to faint!” she exclaimed. I held her hand and again assured her all was well while sending loving, calming thoughts to her. She was very nervous about being in front of all those people. I suggested that she just look at her loving fiancé or at me thereby avoiding looking at the crowd.

I finally got the bride, groom, the two mothers and the father in the location where they were to line up. All of them seemed so nervous and were on a real buzz about things. I figured it was time to slow the tempo down before we could proceed. I slowly and calmly stepped through all the ceremony with them until all questions were answered. I finished with leading them through a couple of good cleansing breaths.

In fact, all did go well. Sometimes the bride and groom just need to be re-grounded from all the organizational stuff that goes into preparing a wedding and need to focus on why they are here.  I declared them married. Before they kissed, I said, “You have kissed a thousand times but today the feeling is new. No longer simply partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and today, your kiss is a promise.” I heard the guests express a big “Awwww!” as the couple kissed. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.