Hunting for a wedding

I had worked with this wedding photographer on several weddings. She now approached me and asked if I could perform her wedding ceremony. She surprised me with the news of her re-marriage. She was exiting the photography business and opening a hunting-and-fishing retail store with her new hubby.

 I had just finished performing a wedding in centre-town at a nice restaurant with a jazz trio playing for the wedding. I was now using my GPS to find the location for this country wedding. I thought that I surely was lost when I spotted her pick-up truck at the house. This was obviously the store truck. It was completely painted in hunter camouflage with big printing on the side advertising the store.  

I parked my car beside the truck. I was greeted by the wonderful smell of roasted pig as I walked towards the house. In the barn, they were roasting a full pig over an open pit. They had rigged up a motor to slowly rotate the spit pig over the coals. It was looking and smelling superb. I thought it was too bad that I had to conduct two other weddings after this one. I would have loved to taste it.

I found the groom and the kids that were in the wedding party. All the guys were in white shirts and had ties made of hunter camouflage. I went to check in on the bride. I walked into the house and was immediately faced with numerous stuffed buck heads in the hallway. By this time, I figured out that this was a theme wedding.

The bride had made her wedding dress. I’ve found that usually when it is a re-marriage the bride skips the big bridal gown and goes for something more fitting to their personality. I’ve seen everything from simple outfits to elaborate evening dresses. This bride’s dress was made of white satin, trimmed with hunter camouflage. It even had a hunter camouflage gusset. How wonderfully like her!

We conducted the ceremony near a flower decorated arch the couple had made. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon with a small gathering of friends and family. When I declared them married, there was great joy in the couple’s eyes. They had their dream wedding and were now going to have their dream life together with their dream business. I understand the store is doing well.