The Kiss ‘n Go wedding ceremony

The Kiss n Go Wedding Ceremony We all see in the movies where the couple are declared married, they kiss and then to the great cheer of the crowd, they exit. In the traditional wedding ceremony, that is not the case. The couple are declared married and kiss. They then make their way over to sign the register and license. They trudge back and are blessed. There is perhaps a prayer and then they finally can walk down the aisle and recess out.

Most couples that I meet have not been to many traditional weddings. So the familiar model is not in their mindset. Their most familiar wedding ceremony model is the Hollywood wedding – the ones they see in the movies. Unfortunately, it is also the audience’s mindset as well. The traditional structure turns out to be unworkable in many venues. Because there is no physical barrier between the couple and their audience, the audience doesn’t feel shy to come greet them. So this is what happens; I declare them married and they kiss. The crowd goes wild and people come up to congratulate them. I then need to drag the couple over to the table for the signing while everyone is still coming up. Once finished I need to get the couple back to the stage and try to calm the crowd down for the blessing and announcement of the couple. Whew – this is mayhem and very tiring.

I have found that I can switch the structure of the wedding slightly and achieve the Hollywood wedding ending. By moving the signing of the register and license to just before the vows, I can get the legal stuff out of the way. The ceremony then follows very smoothly from the vows, to exchange of rings, blessing, declaration, kiss and go. I find that this transitions nicely from the ceremony to the party. This especially works when I am conducting the ceremony in the same room as the reception. Since there is no recessional, this allows all the cheering to continue and the guest can be free to congratulate the couple. The Kiss ‘n Go wedding format has now become the favourite among my couples.


  1. (Optional) Have your Guests witness the signing of the Marriage License DURING the ceremony).

    Minister: At this time _________ and _________ would like for you to witness the signing of the Marriage License. The witnesses, _________ and _________ (usually the Maid or Matron of Honor and the Best Man) will join us now to make this part of the ceremony official.

    NOTE: Although the signing of the license is usually done after the ceremony, this is a great way to allow the guests to see a part of the ceremony they rarely have the occasion to witness. It can also be signed at the reception. This also gets the signing of the license out of the way so the bride, groom and wedding party can immediately go take pictures and won’ lose the light of the beautiful sunset.

    Celebrate Love!

    Larry James
    Scottsdale, AZ
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