A wedding ceremony with roots.

It was obvious that the couple shared a love and appreciation of nature. They had celebrated important milestones in their relationship during or immediately after excursions into the outdoors. They felt that trees were an important illustration and image of life. A walk in the forest provided clarity of mind that humbled the soul and refreshed the spirit. Their ceremony was rooted in the symbol of trees and how important relationships become similarly rooted.

When I met with them, they told me how important nature was to them. Her engagement ring was a pearl ring instead of a diamond because they wanted to avoid supporting that industry. Since the pearl was less expensive, they donated some funds to a charity.

Their ceremony was at the Courtyard Restaurant. She was radiant in the dress and shawl. He was dashing in his morning coat and top hat. Each set of parents escorted them down the aisle. I welcomed the audience in English, French, Spanish, Turkish and German.

The readings very much set the tone that trees and the roots that they have were an important representation of life. Their parents were the start of their roots. Now as a couple, they needed to grow their own roots. As the reader said, “Trees provide life to the plants and shrubs that thrive in their shelter and trees enable our planet to breathe a little more easily. It is thus fitting that you have chosen to plant a tree to mark the beginning of your new life together. May these thoughts guide you as you grow together in love and as your family sprouts new branches.”  

Their vows spoke of caring for the love they shared and protecting their safe haven. They offered each other comfort, encouragement, commitment and strength. Finally, they stated, “Somos un equipo, y asi sera para siempre.” (We are a team, and we will be so forever)

The four parents then surrounded the couple. Each parent read some lines for a blessing that touched everyone. Their friend played some fiddle while we signed the register. A huge applause followed their sealing of vows with a kiss. And then they were off down the aisle together, to grow their roots and sprout new branches – which will come soon as she was beautifully expecting their first child.