What bridal shoe would Cinderella wear?

Her bridal shoe spiked heel was jammed between the boat dock’s boards. She stepped off the boat on to the dock and started walking, but her shoe was left behind… stuck. Like Cinderella, she was hobbling about with one shoe. I pulled it out and handed it back to the bride so we could continue the wedding ceremony. There are so many adventures awaiting a bride when she chooses her shoes.

Shoes certainly are an item of great shopping focus for women. This is more intense with brides. They are looking for the perfect match to their dress to give an overall look, while keeping in mind the practicality that they need to be in them for many hours. So here are some gotchas and some “you gotta be kidding” things I’ve seen.

Let me first state that flip flops are for the beach folks! I don’t care what they look like – they are still flip flops. They may be white and decorated with some sequins – but they are still flip flops. They sound like them when you walk down the aisle; flip, flop, flip, flop. Yes, we can hear that even if they are under your dress. You just can’t walk down the aisle very elegantly in them. They don’t make great dance shoes either. After hours of wearing them, you might get a very painful condition called plantar fasciitis. Same goes for bridal crocs as well.

Sneakers and slippers are another option that I’ve seen. At least they are practical and won’t hurt your feet. Not very elegant but at least you will last in them. Just make sure that you were wearing them when you measured your dress. Otherwise your dress will be too long and you will trip on it.

There are so many shoes out there. Leather, straps, pumps, spiked heels are just some of the choices. Your concern with these is elegance, comfort and safety. I recommend that you break them in before the wedding. Wear them at your rehearsal so that you get familiar with what you are walking on. As in my opening paragraph, you can end up losing your heel between slats on a dock or between the grates of a step. If you are having a wedding on the grass, make sure your heels don’t dig into the soft ground. A bridal runner can also be a challenge for any bride. So, check out your venue for these trip hazards.

Finally boots are a unique alternative for a bride. There a many elegant styles available. The issues with comfort and safety are the same as the shoes. Boots can certainly make a statement. The bridal limo pulled up to the venue and I saw the bridesmaids exit. I was struck that all of them had knee high black leather boots. My curiosity was peaked. The bride came out of the limo. She had knee high, bright red, patent leather platform boots to go with her beautiful white wedding dress. These were just like the ones found on St. Hubert Street in Montreal. Well…they matched her roses!

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