The perfect wedding kiss to remember

The highlight of every wedding is when I declare the couple married and they kiss to seal their vows. This is the climax of the show and it must be well delivered and the moment savoured. When I meet couples at the wedding meeting, I tell them, to their amusement, that they must practice.

The moment when I declare the couple married is the best part of the ceremony for me. I see their eyes light up in joy and happiness. Their moment has arrived when they are now husband and wife. All the months of planning and hoping come to this culmination of emotion that then transforms into a kiss.

The kiss comes in many varieties. I’ve seen the spectrum from a small peck to a full mouth and tongue slobber. My advice to couples is to exchange an appropriate kiss. This is one where there is a nice embrace with the lips meeting for about ten seconds. There is no butt grabbing (keep that for later) or dipping (and falling). Remember you have an audience there taking pictures that will end up on the internet.

I now move out-of-frame for the picture so that it is only the couple. Take a look at all the wedding picture of the couple kissing out there. The officiant always looks slightly out of place. It sometimes looks like there is a threesome happening or something. So I move out-of-frame so the focus is on the couple.

Holding the kiss for ten seconds is important. It gives time for your photographer to take two to three shots of you. It also gives your audience time to turn on their digital cameras and take a picture, or to start applauding and cheering. If you give a peck, the photographer just stressed out because they missed it. The crowd will wonder what happened. You have to give it some time for you, and them, to savour this special moment.