Choosing wedding photography that works for you.

A couple needs to choose how they want their wedding photographed. As a wedding officiant, I help them with the words and structure of their ceremony. The day of the event, I perform the ceremony with all the proper intent I can muster. Time will appear to whiz by. My ceremonies usually last about twenty minutes – and they will zoom by. At the end, you will remember the moment through your wonderful feelings and pictures.

The couple has three basic choices for pictures; let the audience take pictures and get some from them, have a friend with a good camera take pictures, hire a professional photographer. Of course you can combine these as well. Here are some observations on these three choices.

Most audience members have the widely available digital cameras. These cameras can only take good pictures to about three meters. I’ve been at weddings where the audience is so busy taking pictures that I felt we were being mobbed by paparazzi. It leaves me wondering if these people live only through the view screen of the camera. There was one wedding where the audience was standing and totally surrounding the couple and me in a circle. In fact, they were jockeying for position and were two rows deep! The remaining seated people couldn’t see what was going on.

Having a friend with a good camera is a better choice to ensure that you’ll get some good memories. However, many are inexperienced in the when and where to take the best shots. They often have little to no editing capabilities. I’ve also seen the situation where the friend’s one camera dies. They feel so guilty and there is a scramble to borrow a camera.

The professional photographer is the best option. I’ve had the privilege to work with many of the area photographers on repeat occasions. They know the locations, how I work and what best shots to take. I take their opinion in how I set-up the ceremony for the location. For example, I discuss with them the wedding ceremony, the lighting, background and other factors so that they can take the very best photographs for you. Their value really comes through in, not only the set-up, but also in the post-production of the shots. It is nice to work as a team with a good photographer. The good ones are discrete on location and are not obtrusive during the ceremony. The result of good teamwork is spectacular memories. I’ve even had the honour to conduct their wedding ceremonies!