The power of love

It was a week before the wedding when life happened. I had received their ceremony. All was arranged and ready to go. The quote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” has been attributed to John Lennon. Life certainly did happen because I received a frantic call from the bride. The groom had been playing basketball with his buddies. Somehow during the game, he ended up breaking his leg. He was going to be in a full leg cast for the wedding.

I assured the bride that we would be able to work around that. If anyone has broken a bone, you know how painful that can be. When I arrived at the venue, he was seated and surrounded by his friends and family. He was conserving his strength. Yes, he said he was on painkillers; Tylenol 3’s.

We proceeded outdoors where the wedding was to be conducted. Someone had gotten a stool for him to sit on. He hobbled over with his cane and propped himself on the stool to wait for his bride. It was a bright day and the sun beat down on us. I was getting hot and I could only imagine how uncomfortable he was feeling.

Everyone was in place. The music began and his bride appeared. Upon seeing her he stood up to wait for her. She walked to the front and they stood before me. He continued to stand. I quietly encouraged him to sit if he wanted. He didn’t. I forged ahead with the ceremony. We arrived to the vows and I asked him to repeat after me his promises to her. I saw large beads of sweat falling off his brow. He was clearly in pain and uncomfortable. He stood there and delivered his vows with determination and love. I saw then that he was not going to let anything get in the way of expressing his love for her; his bride. He stood through the whole ceremony and walked off with her on his arm. That is the power of love.