The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have been part of the marriage ceremony ever since Roman times as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The tradition of having a wedding cake continues today. Since I mostly perform weddings at the reception venue, I have the occasion to see the couple’s wedding cake. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles as an expression of the couple’s overall wedding event.

Strathmere Inn is a popular wedding venue located in the south end of Ottawa. Every year about 15% of my weddings are conducted there. I was checking things over for the wedding that I was about to perform when the patiessier walks in delivering the wedding cake. She relates to me that this is a surprise for the groom. The bride had steadfastly insisted to the groom that she did not want a wedding cake. She had planned all along to have this cake.

During the preparation of the ceremony, we had chatted about adding a little planned humor. So I asked if he accepted that she was always right and she promised to let him eat potato chips every day. This was well received by the audience and the ceremony ended with great cheer. This was the inspiration for the wedding cake that she subsequently ordered.

When the couple recessed from the hall, he saw the wedding cake. It was made to look like his favorite Ruffles brand Sour Cream ‘n Bacon flavored potato chips. All the guests then got to see it as well. It then became the conversation piece for a very amusing evening. It was a creative way to link the ceremony with the reception.

Sour Cream 'n Bacon Cake