The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress really epitomizes the wedding in many a woman’s mind. My daughter recently got engaged. The wedding is not for another year and a half. However, the first thing she’s done is to start shopping for a wedding dress. The bride often spends many hours and dollars searching for the ‘perfect’ dress for them.

 It is certainly interesting that most dresses I see are strapless and white. Sometime they are cream coloured – my sweetheart has taught me to tell the difference. The emergence of this style of dress is somewhat recent. When weddings were primarily performed in churches, the bride could not expose her shoulders. It was considered improper. My sweetheart’s grandmother’s dress is a brown one with a bolero. I did have a bride once who was in a bright red strapless dress. She looked stunning against the white snow in the background.

 This brings me to some points to consider when choosing a wedding dress. The first one has to do with the time of year you will be having your wedding. This is especially important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. I was at the pavilion in Rockcliffe Park that overlooks the Ottawa River on an early spring day. I was saying the blessing near the end of the ceremony, mentioning that Love will warm their hearts. At that time, a freezing wind kicked up from the river and all I could see were the bridesmaids and the bride in strapless dresses with goose bumps upon goose bumps. Their shoulders were up to their ears with the shivering. You can see how cold they were in the photos. This scenario happens on a regular basis when I perform weddings in October as well. In my preparation meetings, I advise brides to have a shawl or pashmina available. Sometimes they listen.

Strapless dresses also seem to reveal things that are normally not seen. I sure see many styles and types of tattoos and body piercings emerge. Some tattoos are gorgeous works of art. Others are interestingly placed, like a rose stemming from between the bosom. Then there are the ones that depict goth themes with blood and gore. It really is up to the bride what she wants to project for this event. Tattoos are sometimes very personal and the bride will need to decide whether or not to expose them. I’ve started seeing brides budget for a air brush make up of their tattoos. You need to consider whether the exposure of tattoos and body piercings is consistent with the overall theme of the wedding. Exposing a tattoo may bring attention to it rather than to you in your beautiful wedding dress.


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