Too much sun!

Everyone hopes and wants a nice sunny day for their outdoor wedding. It seems to help the whole experience to have the day basking in sunshine. There are some things to consider when having an outdoor wedding in the sun. 

Your guests start arriving typically about fifteen minutes before the ceremony.  They want to chat to other folks and not sit immediately. Unless this is a bathing suit pool side wedding, they will be in suits and fancy dresses. And hot. So it is useful to have a shaded area for them to gather during that time to keep them out of the heat. You may also want to have some cold bottled water for them to keep them hydrated.

At the appointed time, your guests will start seating themselves. They will now be in full sun exposure. They are getting hotter and more uncomfortable the longer they wait. I am always concerned about the elderly in the heat so that they don’t get a sun stroke. I am now at the front waiting for the bride to appear while looking over a crowd full of people with sunglasses, sweating and wondering how many bothered with sunscreen.

There have been times when I’ve had to go and get the bride to hurry up. One bride insisted that she have a cold beer before going out. I said to her that I’d bet her guests in the hot sun would like a cold beer too. The wedding started fifteen minutes late. That meant that her guests were waiting in the heat for thirty minutes. Watch out that grandma doesn’t keel over!  

Finally the bridesmaids and bride come out. They are in strapless dresses. They all line up and I start the ceremony. As time goes on, I can see that they are baking. Their skin is turning splotchy red. They are sun burning. Hmm – I guess they didn’t bother to put on sunscreen on either. Ohhh… that’s gonna hurt and look interesting in the pictures.

By the time the ceremony is over the total sun exposure for the guests is about forty five minutes and about twenty minutes for the bridal party. A sunny day is a wonderful day for an outdoor wedding. But too much sun is not fun. Make sure there is plenty of water and sunscreen.