Venue Selection

You may have decided to have your wedding ceremony at a venue other than the church or city hall. This poses many challenges but also allows you to truly personalize your ceremony.

Firstly, you must decide whether you want to have the ceremony at a special site or at the same site as the reception. Having it at the reception does save on commute time and hassle for both yourself and guests. This is especially true for out-of-town guests who may not know their way around. I once saw two cars with windows down yelling at each other, “Do you know where the wedding is?” The other responded. “No, but I have it in my GPS – just follow me!” I hope they made it.

It seems that most of the weddings ceremonies I perform are at the reception site. The site where the ceremony is to be performed should be investigated with the view of what it would look like at the date and time of your wedding. I’ll be writing on various aspects in other entries. Let me give you an interesting example. The accompanying picture is the location of an outdoor wedding site. It looks wonderful doesn’t it? I have performed several ceremonies there where it looks exactly like that, except during one beautiful sunny hot July day. The location is in a popular cottage area. People were out enjoying the day. There were many boats on the lake. Some were zooming by and there was one boat of fisherman that you could see right through the middle of the arch. On the left of the arch, out of sight, is a beach. It was full of families and people in beachwear exposing things I would rather not see. Kids frolicking in the water yelling, “Mommy, Mommy, look at me, Mommy!” So here we are in suits and dresses trying to have a ceremony with all this going on. The photographer couldn’t take a picture of the couple through the arch overlooking the water because the fishermen would be in every shot. I was grateful for a public address system so that I could be heard over the din of the beach worshippers. It all turned out beautifully. Once the beach worshippers heard me speaking, they realized a ceremony was in progress and they quieted down for the duration.

So please, look at the site thinking about what it would look like at the date and time of your wedding.