Same sex marriages

In Canada, same sex marriages are allowed. I’ve performed these wedding ceremonies as well – both male and female. Here’s the thing. There’s a lot of bad news, depressing stories and just plain crap that goes on in the world – every day. In your search for happiness, you’ve found someone who loves you and you love back. What can be better than that to come home to after a day of dealing with the world. And, they happen to be the same sex. Well, so what! Today you have found love and happiness, and that is a blessing.

Because same sex marriages are still fairly new, there are some considerations that may be made for your audience. I’ve had some couples who themselves are still a bit nervous with public displays of affection. For example, the couple will need to talk about a public kiss; or how they are announced as a married couple (wives or spouses).  So the couple will need to think about these things. Other than that, it is a wonderful celebration of love just like any other.