Love the second time around

I performed a wedding yesterday in a house near where I live. In fact, this was a new house for them in an adult retirement community. The groom is 58 years old and the bride is 57 years old. This was a second wedding for both of them. Being divorced Catholics, they had no option to have a church wedding.

It was an intimate gathering with about 30 of their friends and family. When I arrived, champagne and munchies were already being passed around. I was welcomed by the couple. He looked fine in his black suit and she in her long bronze coloured spagetti strap dress. First, we went into the office and signed all the legal paperwork. We then positioned ourselves in the living room and proceeded with the ceremony. It was beautiful to see that both of them teared up at the vows.  He even took out a tissue to dab the tear from her cheek. The ceremony was all in French and was light and full of  humour. I could see the absolute joy in their eyes as I declared them married. The guests all applauded enthusiastically. The only parent still living is his mother. Immediately after the ceremony she got up and hugged the bride with affection. The couple then each addressed the guests thanking them for coming. The groom said that normally one thinks of a wedding as one of many firsts. It typically is followed by the first house and the first kids. He said they were looking forward to see who would be the first to push the wheelchair.  

I really enjoy performing weddings for what I call re-marriages. What I find wonderful is that after going through the first love and the crap of a divorce; they can find hope, trust and love again. It is a testament to the human spirit.